Visit to Serenity Salt Cave

Serenity Salt Cave Visit

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This post was most recently updated on December 5th, 2018

Serenity Salt Cave and Healing Center

Oh, my gosh Y’all! We had such a great day at Serenity Salt Cave!

We have so much video and fun stuff to share from our Serenity Salt Cave visit, that it is taking longer than expected to get everything put together!

However, we wanted to share some of the fun with you NOW!

Sneak peak at the Center!

A quick peek at some of the things you will find at the Center.

The Center is so cool when you enter, the feeling is just one of calm and rest- and very peaceful. It is welcoming, and you are put instantly at ease!


Bebe and her staff were so great! They welcomed all of us to the Center, were wonderful when it came time to get pictures and video. And in general, were just super nice!

Shout out to all of them! And yes, when we do get everything put together – we will have all the info on the staff, availability, cost etc!

Serenity Salt Cave and Healing Center Staff

You can check out the website – Serenity Salt Cave and Healing Center

Also – Facebook here 

Be sure to like their page, they have some very cool events coming up!

And – this is so cool –

They have a Groupon!
Get it          HERE!

Also posted on our Facebook page – so check it out!


More pictures and Fun!              Serenity Salt cave


And NOW – drum roll,

Intro to the SALT CAVE!!



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Salt soap


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