Top 10 Aromatherapy Gifts for Mother’s Day

Aromatherapy Gifts Mother's Day

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Top 10 Aromatherapy Gifts for Mother’s Day 

Aromatherapy Gifts Mother's Day


Aromatherapy Gifts Mother’s Day Gift Guide! Super excited to bring you this gift guide! We hope that you find some amazing gifts for all the “Moms” in your life!

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Our Guide to the Top 10 Aromatherapy gifts Moms will Love!

1. Celebrate Mother’s Day with Our New Essential Oils Dear Mom Set! Available Now for a Limited Time at Plant Therapy! SHOP NOW!

Mother's Day Gift
Dear Mom Gift Set via Plant Therapy

Give the mom in your life the pampering she deserves with this Dear Mom Set! The set includes Forever Mom Synergy Blend, Forever Mom Bubble Bath, Body Cream, Body Oil, and Bath Salts. Also comes with Loofa Sponge and White Plant Therapy Spa Towel with a cute Forever Mom Art Card, and arrives in a gorgeous Plant Therapy wooden box! No wrapping paper needed!

2. Simply Earth Subscription Box

Each month you get all the ingredients, containers, and extras you need to make 5-7 natural recipes… delivered to your doorstep.

  • 4 full-size bottles of essential oil.
  • Extras like beeswax to make recipes.                             Siply Earth Subscription box for Mother's day gift
  • Free Shipping.

Use our PROMO CODE at check out!


By using the code you will receive:

A $20 gift card on your first subscription (can be canceled anytime) with a big BONUS BOX!

This is a great gift that anyone will enjoy!

Big Bonus BoxAll these great items come in the Bonus Big Box!

   Don’t forget to Use Promo Code


3. Aromatherapy Necklaces

We found these great options on Amazon – Because – well, Necklaces and Mother’s day is Fun! Any of these would surely make a GREAT Aromatherapy Mother’s Day Gift!

Products from

    4. Books

    I have just completed a review of one of the books we showcase here! Any of these 3 books would be a great addition to any Aromatherapy Library! *The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy is a newer edition of the copy we have.  All of these books are available in hard copy or a kindle version!

    5. Forever Mom Synergy

    From Plant Therapy this is the single oil Synergy Blend that comes in the Gift Box! Greta single Synergy Oil choice as an Aromatherapy Gift for Mother’s Day!

    Forever Mom Synergy 
    New Customers Get 10% Off on Your First Order at Plant Therapy! Shop Today for Great Deals on Essential Oils!

    6. Essential Oil Diffuser

    This Mobile USB Diffuser is a great gift for anyone, but especially for the Mom on the go!

    And check out these Promotions for other Diffuser options!

    Check out the Mobile USB Diffuser in action!

    7. Gift Set

    This is the set we used in our Giveaway! It has Everything to get started – 13 items in all! Nice Mother’s Day gift for Beginners or Advanced users of Aromatherapy!

    “I love the diffuser in this set!” – Andrea

    8. Beginners Oil Set

    This set from Eden’s Garden is a great starter set!

    Products from

      We have used these oils in several of our videos! These oils are high quality and there are other sets available! Makes a great Aromatherapy Gift for Mother’s Day!

      9. Fruit Set

      This fruit set is a great addition to any Essential Oil Collection!

      Fruits SetNew Customers Get 10% Off on Your First Order at Plant Therapy! Shop Today for Great Deals on Essential Oils!

      Plant Therapy has such a great selection, sets, singles – and other great items –

      10. Aromatherapy Jewelry

      We covered Necklaces, but what about other Jewelry options? Aromatherapy Jewelry comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. There is something for every Mom on your list!


      Products from


        Products from

          If those Top 10 were not enough!

          One more thought on Gift Giving!

          While many think that a “Gift Card” is impersonal, well –

          We love Gift Cards! Getting a gift card allows the Giftee to purchase the items they “WANT”!

          A couple of years ago my oldest child gave me a $50 Giftcard! I really loved this gift, I felt like I was going on a “Shopping Spree”! Plus, It forced me to learn how to shop online! 🙂

          Many of the sites featured in our TOP 10 Aromatherapy Mother’s day Gift Guide also have GIFT CARDS!

          Gurunanda (click on the box with picture)

          Plant Therapy Gift Certificate here! (Click on Banner)

          DID YOU Check out any the above GIFT IDEAS?

          We hope you enjoyed this Aromatherapy Gifts Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

          Leave a Comment and Let us know what GIFT YOU WOULD LOVE TO RECEIVE!

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          Aromatherapy Gifts Mother's Day

          Aromatherapy Mother's Day Gift Guide

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