The Heart of Aromatherapy Book Review

The Heart of Aromatherapy Book review

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Book Review

The Heart of Aromatherapy 

by Andrea Butje

The Heart of Aromatherapy

This is a big book, about 275 pages, and it offers so much! 

I love this author, when it comes to aromatherapy, she is one of the top best in her field, in my opinion.  She explains aromatherapy so well!

This book is easy to read and very informative.  It’s definitely not just a recipe book!

She starts the book off with the story of her love of the lavender fields in France.  Then she begins to cover some important basics about aromatherapy.

   QUOTE from the book,                                                             

“Many essential oils have components that are known to offer a deep sense of relaxation.  For example, one of the main components in lavender essential oil is linalool (also spelled “linalol”). A lot of research has been done showing that linalol has profound effects on the nervous system and can help people relax.”

So much more than recipes!

Andrea discusses the effects that essential oils can have on your body, and how they affect you mentally as well as emotionally.

Her dilution explanation that they use at Aromahead (her school) is awesome and she has broken it down for applications on all ages, from pregnancy to adulthood.

There is also information on storage methods that are best for your oils and blends,  important safety points of interest, carriers oils and aloes for you The heart of Aromatherapy Book Reviewblending education.

In the safety section, she reviews and explains how to be safe when using oils pertaining to asthma, photo-toxicity, pets, face and body care, skin reactions and much more.

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Her book also includes “Aromatic Notes”

Which help the reader to understand which oils are best to blend pertaining to whether they are top, middle or base note oils.

I enjoyed the carrier oil and aloe section because of the way she explained which oils were aromatherapist favorites and why.  I thought this was an interesting point.  She is always teaching!

QUOTE from the book:

“Since the oils work holistically, they can ease stress in your body, mind, and emotions. ”

One of the many interesting topics in this book was all the excerpts from distilleries that she had traveled to all around the world!  Oh, what a dream of mine!!!  I felt like I was there with her!  She told stories of distilleries in, Canada, France, Greece, Africa and so many more.


**A shout out to all you Ancient Arts Aromatherapy followers, remember when I did a “ROLL CALL”  awhile back and asked if you knew what GC/MS was?  Well, it’s in her book and she explains it so well!  She also tells you of a personal experience she had concerning batch of essential oil she ordered and why GC/MS is so very important.

Andrea profiles 40 different essential oils in this book and the way she lays out the profile is very easy to understand.  I really like the oils she chose to profile, they are all very useful to you and your home!

The knowledge that went into this book is amazing! 

She gives you over 100 different recipes for you to use in your life!  There is everything from lip balm, inhaler, diaper rash cream, sleep aids deodorant, and so much more!

It made me want to call her and say thank you so much for sharing!  there is also a section on all different recipes for different types of pain.

How to use your essential oils for meditation, cleaning, making incense, etc.

You name it and it’s there!  

Andrea Butje is an internationally known aromatherapist, author, and teacher.  She was given the “Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2013 by the Alliance of International Aromatherapist in recognition of all she has done for the profession!

I highly recommend this book, and I promise you will find yourself referring back to it often and for years to come!  This book is by far a “must have” book!

You can purchase the book here!

Your aromatherapy library won’t be complete without it!!

Thank you Andrea Butje!!!

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