This post was most recently updated on February 7th, 2018

   The art of essential oil use has touched the lives of everyone in Candy’s circle!

Read on to see the many ways Candy has affected the people she comes in contact with!

Candy’s kids:

Fallon B.

I loved smelling the orange and cinnamon at Christmas time! Also, I was always comforted when I had a cold by the “magic tissue” that mama would make for me.

Shelby N.

I always enjoyed getting a good rub down before bed-time with Lavender, and when the Doctors could not make me feel better the Clovebud did, especially when I had mono.

Duncan L.

It always made me feel better after a tough karate tournament when mama would rub oils on my back to help relieve pain. Also, when I would be sick and she would rub oils on my feet, it always made me feel better. Peppermint always made me feel better.



Heather D:

The day arrived when I was finally called to ACTIVE DUTY to be a full-time caregiver for my Aunt. My children and I moved into her farm home and with her terminal diagnosis of metastasized ovarian cancer, we began the arduous task of 24/7 caregiving. I called Candy for advice and she asked if she could come and bring her oils. “Of Course!” My Aunt selected oils specific to respiration (her cancer had caused lung emboli to form), and Biblical spices used for the anointing of the dead. She created a lotion that I would rub on my Aunt each evening. The oil was soothing to both my Aunt and me, and I kept it up until she could no longer stand the pain that lifting her legs brought. She died about a week after I stopped the oils. Do I think the oils kept her alive? No. Do I think it brought a sense of relief and peace to us during a very stressful situation? YES! There is no power or connection so great as touch. I was able to lavish spices and oils on her during her final journey on this earth. That meant absolutely the world to me.


Barbara T:

I have had some unexplained and untreatable symptoms related to auto-immune disease over the years, and Candy has been able to assist me with the appropriate essentials oils to relieve the unwanted symptoms.