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Tai Chi 


Martial Arts and Aromatherapy Tai Chi

This month we are highlighting Martial Arts and Aromatherapy!

Many of you know my son is a National Karate contender and I love to watch people doing martial arts.

However,  one of my bucket list items has always been to learn Tai Chi. It resembles a sort of slow-motion dance to me and well, I love to dance and always have since I was about…2 years old

So when Mr. Seltzer started to teach the class, well, I was in!

I love it, it is magical to me! Thank you, Mr. Setzer, for caring and being a wonderful teacher!


Martial Arts and Aromatherapy?

More and more dojo’s around the USA are diffusing essential oils and they are using them to clean their mats as well!

But, if the one you choose to go to is one that does not, well, remember you can take your inhaler! See how to make your own inhaler here!


Mr. Setzer teaches his “meditation in motion”, as he calls it, at Patriot Karate and Martial Arts in Loganville, Georgia.

Tai Chi 8 Form

Thank you, Mr. Setzer, for your wonderful demo video for us to use for our Tai Chi practice!!!


My take on morning Tai Chi in my art room:

I want to wake up but also be relaxed and concentrating on breathing to clear my head and mind if morning fog!
So what do I diffuse?

2 drops of each:

I hope you enjoy!😉


Have you ever participated in Tai Chi, or any Martial Arts Class? 

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