The Heart of Aromatherapy Book Review

This post was most recently updated on February 7th, 2021

Book Review

The Heart of Aromatherapy 

by Andrea Butje

The Heart of Aromatherapy

This is a big book, about 275 pages, and it offers so much! 

I love this author, when it comes to aromatherapy, she is one of the top best in her field, in my opinion.  She explains aromatherapy so well!

This book is easy to read and very informative.  It’s definitely not just a recipe book!

She starts the book off with the story of her love of the lavender fields in France.  Then she begins to cover some important basics about aromatherapy.

   QUOTE from the book,                                                             

“Many essential oils have components that are known to offer a deep sense of relaxation.  For example, one of the main components in lavender essential oil is linalool (also spelled “linalol”). A lot of research has been done showing that linalol has profound effects on the nervous system and can help people relax.”

So much more than recipes!

Andrea discusses the effects that essential oils can have on your body, and how they affect you mentally as well as emotionally.

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Aromatherapy Book Review – Essential Living by Andrea Butje

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Aromatherapy Book Review

Essential Living

Aromatherapy Recipes for Health & Home

by:  Andrea Butje

Aromahead Institute

Today we have our first Aromatherapy Book Review!
This is an engaging basic to intermediate aromatherapy book. 

It is beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written.  It is easy to understand and follow, Andrea is very professional in all her explanations and instructions!

She discusses the science, history, and benefits of approximately 46 different oils.  However, she doesn’t stop there, she even gives you a plan on which oils to start your home aromatherapy kit with and how to use them.

I especially love the ways she breaks down all the different ways to use your oils as well as the areas they can be used in.  She is an excellent teacher!

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