Lime Essential Oil – Celebrate May

Celebrate MAY

In celebrating May the first Essential Oil we are highlighting is

Lime Essential Oil!


For the month of May, we are highlighting several Synergy Blends and Single oils!


Latin Name – Citrus Aurantifolia

It is steam distilled or cold pressed.

Among one of the oldest known oils, and has historically been used for many conditions.

Some of the benefits and uses of Lime Essential Oil are that it is:

antiseptic, antiviral, astringent, bactericidal anti-allergenic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antitussive, and fungicidal.

Some of the more common uses are to help treat:

• fever
• hair loss and aging
• muscle weakness                                                      Lime Essential Oil Celebrate May
• mental fatigue
• depression
• as an astringent for the skin
• to boost the immune system
• promotion of blood coagulation
• fever reducer
• detoxifier
• arthritis
• skin and wound infections
• respiratory infections
• memory


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Friday Fun – Reading Roundup 4.20.18

This post was most recently updated on December 5th, 2018

Friday Fun – Reading Roundup

Fun reading and viewing this week! 

This week we are featuring articles on Essential Oils for Pain And a video on Natual Pain relief!!

This fits in with our April theme! We want to share articles that we find that are beneficial to your Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Journey!

We have an article from The North American Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Experts

Best Essential Oils for Pain Management – Back, Nerve, Neck, Shoulder & Knee

The article (linked above) mentions Wintergreen, Frankincense, and  Essential Oils Friday funLavender among others. There are some recipes and good overall information on usingEssential Oils for PAIN!

oohhh… and a really cool graphic that we Pinned here!

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Friday Fun – Reading Roundup 4.13.18

Friday Fun – Reading Roundup

Fun reading and viewing this week! 



This week on our Reading Roundup we feature articles and a video on  MUSCLE ACHES!


We all get them – young middle age, older – those aches and pains and muscle tension! This week we have some good information to share on how to help with those aches and pains using Essential Oils!

A muscle Rub from Dr. Eric Z, Muscle Ache Treatments from Dr. Josh Axe and Aromahead Institute video on an Inhaler for Muscle Tension!

For our video on making your own Inhalers go HERE
Hope you enjoy this week’s reads and video

Essential Oils Friday fun

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Life’s Aches and Pains – Turmeric

This post was most recently updated on December 5th, 2018

Everyone could use a little help with

Life’s Aches and Pains

That is our Essential Oil focus for April. First off, Turmeric.



Latin Name:
Curcuma aromatica, Curcuma domestica, Curcuma longa 
*Steam Distilled Essential Oil
 Usually known as a common spice, and is a major ingredient in curry powder.
Its primary active ingredients, curcuminoids, are yellow and used to color foods and cosmetics.

Turmeric is made from the rhizomes (underground stems) and roots of the Curcuma longa plant.

The plant is  Native to South India. It is related to ginger and grown throughout India, other parts of Asia, and Central America.

Traditionally, in Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine it has been used to treat arthritis.  Turmeric’s active components are known to block inflammatory cytokines and enzymes.  That’s why it’s known as one of the best essential oils for arthritis around!

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