Recipe for Staying Well

Stay Well

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This post was most recently updated on December 5th, 2018

Ideas for keeping yourself WELL!

One of our goals is to give you real-life recipes and blends to help you stay well. We want you to be able to use Essential Oils on an everyday basis, at home, on the go, wherever-whenever!

***Remember, we are not Doctors – so if you get sick PLEASE follow your Doctors advice.

However, we can provide information on what we use as Recipes for Wellness!

AND This is Candy’s first posted VIDEO!

On this first day of Spring, we know Flu season is about over. With all that is going on though, there are still going to be cases of it, and try our real-life recipe if the Flu hits your house!

We did a reading Round-Up on the Flu a couple of weeks ago – Check it out HERE for more Info!


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