Simply Earth Subscription Box Review

Simply Earth Subscription Box

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Today we are Featuring a Product review!

Simply Earth

April was the beginning of our subscription to Simply Earth!

From Candy:

I signed up for the Simply Earth monthly box subscription last month!

It was so exciting when this package arrived in the mail, especially because the first month I would also receive (at no extra charge, I always like that) an additional box of supplies that would aid me in making my aromatherapy items!!!


I can say that I was not disappointed!!!  The oils (4 of them in total, 3 single essential oils, and one blend) were wonderful!  I have really enjoyed them.

But wait there’s more!

In that box was also something really cool, 100% wool ball!

Yes, dryer balls that you put essential oil on and toss them in your dryer and they reduce static cling and make your laundry smell wonderful!

And still more?

There are also colorful labels for the new aromatherapy items that I would make and recipe cards with beautiful pictures and directions on them!


The Big Bonus Box!

Now for the extra box of goodies that you get every 6 months! It was packed full of goodies!  I felt like I’d hit the jackpot!  More carrier oils, bee’s wax to make lip balm, sprayers for air freshener, bottles for blending oils, inhalers, roll on bottles,  suave containers and more!  It was fantastic!

The only downside that I could possibly see to this monthly box is that you might get an oil that you already have, however, for me it doesn’t matter because I use them up so fast!



I am set.  Perfect for anyone but especially the new aromatherapist.  I highly recommend this for yourself or to give as a gift to someone you care about!!!

From Andrea:

The Big Bonus Box was an extra treat.


With all the supplies on hand, you can make the recipes that are included in your subscription box right away!

The essential oil quality is great, and in my case, the 3 single oils in the April box were not oils I had!


I have been using the dryer balls. The first time I had a pair of fuzzy PJ pants in the wash and I did have static after drying.  The next load was fine, no static and great scent to the laundry.

Changing up the essential oils creates a variety of unique scents for your laundry! I use my favorite citrus as well as Lavender for sheets and other bedding!

Plus, they donate a portion of their proceeds to a worthy cause.


Here’s how to get your subscription from Simply Earth!

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Simply Earth Subscription Box

Each month you get all the ingredients, containers, and extras you need to make 5-7 natural recipes… delivered to your doorstep.

  • 4 full-size bottles of essential oil.
  • Extras like beeswax to make recipes.                             Siply Earth Subscription box for Mother's day gift
  • Free Shipping.

Use our PROMO CODE at check out!


By using the code you will receive:

A $20 gift card on your first subscription (can be canceled anytime) with a big BONUS BOX!

This is a great gift that anyone will enjoy!

Big Bonus BoxAll these great items come in the Bonus Big Box!

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