Review: Rocky Mountain Oils

Rocky Mountain Oils Review

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Rocky Mountain Oils had a sale on some of their essential oil blends this month and I decided to try three of them.  They are one of our newer affiliates and I wanted to let you know what I thought of the blends and the quality of the oils.

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The first blend is called “Evergreen Dream”

Evergreen Dream RMO Essential Oil

This blend contains Fir needle, frankincense, and pine essential oils.  I was assuming that it would be a light Christmas or a Winter Wonderland type blend.  I was pleasantly surprised when I first smelled it!  It is full bodied and has an earthy aroma with a touch of refreshing pine.  I like the blend and have already diffused it adding a few other oils with it, like lavender and lemon essential oils.  Excellent sale, Thanks RMO!

The second blend that I ordered was called “Candy Cane”

RMO Candy Cane Blend

Candy Cane is a blend of peppermint, orange, lavender, and vanilla essential oils.  Not what I would expect to be called Candy Cane, however, I adore this combo!  It hasn’t left my desk since I received it!  I find myself opening it often to breathe in this bottle of wonderfulness! 

Truth, I’ve ordered four bottles now to share! 

Yeah, I like it!  Thanks again Rocky Mountain Oils!

“Wisemen” is the third blend that I ordered from Rocky Mountain Oils!

It contains frankincense, orange and myrrh essential oils.

This blend has a touch of earthy aroma, but not much, and a refreshing kiss of orange giving it that wonderful light and happy mix with the perfect amount of beautiful frankincense!

What Did I think?

Frankincense, orange and myrrh essential oils make up this blend.  It has a touch of earthy aroma, but not much and a refreshing kiss of orange, giving it that wonderful light and happy mix! With the perfect amount of beautiful frankincense!

However, I wasn’t sure how I was expecting the orange to smell with the other oil combo, and because of the blend, I thought it would be my least favorite.  Wow, what a surprise! 

It is my favorite! 

Thank you once more RMO!

RMO Pinterest bottle of EO

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Candy’s suggestion:  Order yours today via Rocky Mountain Oils before they are all out!

What I have fallen in love with is equal parts of “CANDY CANE” and “WISEMAN”!!!!! 

Therefore, I am going to have to order some more Wiseman blend!

Up to 50% OFF!

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