Life’s Ache’s and Pains Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil

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Everyone could use a little help with

Life’s Aches and Pains

That is our Essential Oil focus for April!

Today we look at Black Seed Oil!

Life's Aches and Pains Black Seed

Black Seed Oil 

Latin Name  (Nigella sativa)

Black Seed Oil has many benefits! We have tried to provide several articles that cover a wide variety of information 🙂

Some of the properties include:
  1. Anti-bacterial
  2. Anti-inflammatory
  3. Anti-oxidant
  4. Anti-fungal
Also called:
  • Kalonji Oil
  • Black Cumin Seed Oil
  • Habbatus Sauda
  • Graine De Nigelle
  • Black Onion Seeds
  • Schwarzkummel

It has been used medicinally and as a spice throughout the Middle East, Europe, and Asia for thousands of years.

This is another oil that we have not personally used, however after extensive research it has been ordered! Adding new oils to help with Life’s Aches and Pains is always good, especially this one!

The articles included below cover the benefits of this oil.

Read for yourself to determine if it may be something you need to add to your collection!

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We Start off with:

101 Black Seed Oil Benefits to Consider While Undergoing Life’s Wear & Tear


This article is definitely worth the read! And yes 101 Benefits are listed!

Black Seed

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Black Seed Essential Oil

The next article by:

Dr. Josh Axe

7 Proven Black Seed Oil Benefits

Black Seed Oil Health Benefits Title

The article starts off with, “Of the 630 scientific peer-reviewed articles that have been published about black seed oil benefits, one fact is clear: there are few issues that it cannot help the body overcome.”   The article has a good overview of the oil and then lists the top 7 Benefits.

 Black Seed Oil-Virgin Unrefined


Uses of Black Seed Virgin OIL

This article by essoil, found on HBNO is to the point, short and covers basic uses of this versatile oil.

With all of the research and the listed benefits of this oil, we hope we provided a good start on the basic benefits of this oil!

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Have you used this Black Seed Essential Oil? 

        Leave a comment below and let us know if you have a favorite way to use or a blend that includes Black Seed Oil!


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