Lavender Summertime Must Have EO

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Lavender Essential Oil

Summertime Essential Oil Series

Lavender is Steam distilled from the flowers.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender!!!  I love Lavender essential oil!

It is one of my top five favorite oils.

This EO is so versatile and blends very well with other oils.

A wonderful oil for so many things, but it really is known to have great results when used on your skin and when diffusing it.  Very gentle, and most people, young and old and in between, like it.

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    Lavender Essential Oil 10 mL @ Plant Therapy

    Why do I love it?

    It is a fantastic anti-inflammatory and is a perfect EO to aid in pain relief.

    Some of its other other known uses are:

    • soothing burns                           Lavender EO Pin
    • sunburn
    • bug bites
    • sleep aid
    • cleaning blends
    • reducing scars
    • anxiety
    • deep relaxation
    • emotional balancing
    • respiratory support
    • arthritis
    • sinus congestion
    • and so much more

    It is also a perfect first aid oil!

    Lavender mixes well with most essential oils.  I really like to blend it with citrus oils.  When I do the calm/happy effect is very pleasant.

    One of the safest and most gentle oils around.  I recommend that every household should have it in their medicine cabinet!

    Lavender is my “Calgon” oil!  It takes me to a happy peaceful place every time I use it!


    From the Facebook post –

    What carrier oils and blend additives do I suggest to go with the summer oil list? and where to get them!

    1. Jojoba Oil
    2. Fractionated Coconut Oil
    3. Aloe Vera Gel
    4. Grain alcohol
    5. Witch Hazel
    6. Baking soda

    And a couple more options –

    Products from


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      What do you use Lavender for? 

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