Friday Fun – Reading Roundup 4.20.18

Friday Fun Reading Roundup on Essential Oils

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Friday Fun – Reading Roundup

Fun reading and viewing this week! 

This week we are featuring articles on Essential Oils for Pain And a video on Natual Pain relief!!

This fits in with our April theme! We want to share articles that we find that are beneficial to your Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Journey!

We have an article from The North American Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Experts

Best Essential Oils for Pain Management – Back, Nerve, Neck, Shoulder & Knee

The article (linked above) mentions Wintergreen, Frankincense, and  Essential Oils Friday funLavender among others. There are some recipes and good overall information on usingEssential Oils for PAIN!

oohhh… and a really cool graphic that we Pinned here!

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This  Article via  Alternative Daily 

Amazing Essential Oils for Chronic Pain Relief

We have  Wintergreen, Lavender and Ginger listed. A recipe for Massage Oil is also included in this article!

Products from


    And of course, we have a Video! Not only Essential Oils in the Video but 14 All Natural Pain Killers!

    Dr. Axe


    One more article to read as this is after all – 4/20

    10 Surprising Benefits Of Cannabis Essential Oil

    Directly from the Article on Organic Facts

    Relieves Pain

    “Cannabis essential oil works as a great pain reliever [6] and is regularly suggested for people with inflammation and chronic pain. It can even provide emergency pain relief. There is a very good reason why people who suffer from cancer often turn to cannabis-related options, including cannabis essential oil, when the pain of chemotherapy or the disease itself becomes unbearable.”

    Products from

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