Friday Fun – Reading Roundup 4.13.18

Friday Fun Reading Roundup on Essential Oils

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Friday Fun – Reading Roundup

Fun reading and viewing this week! 



This week on our Reading Roundup we feature articles and a video on  MUSCLE ACHES!


We all get them – young middle age, older – those aches and pains and muscle tension! This week we have some good information to share on how to help with those aches and pains using Essential Oils!

A muscle Rub from Dr. Eric Z, Muscle Ache Treatments from Dr. Josh Axe and Aromahead Institute video on an Inhaler for Muscle Tension!

For our video on making your own Inhalers go HERE
Hope you enjoy this week’s reads and video

Essential Oils Friday fun

Dr. Eric Z

DIY Muscle Rub with Essential Oils

Dr. Josh Axe

Muscle Ache Treatments, Causes and Remedies

Andrea Butje – Aromahead Institute


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