CBD Explained Part 2

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Part 2 of our look at CBD

With CBD oil becoming more mainstream, we find ourselves being asked frequently about this oil.

CBD oil

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Rather than start from scratch on the benefits, why’s and what is – We found this great series at: Rocky Mountain Oils

In Part 3 of the series at Rocky Mountain Oils they discuss:

What is the Difference Between Hemp, Cannabis, and Marijuana?

They really cover a lot of info here – the summary is a quick read on the basics and the differences. It is important to remember that
Cannabis is a group of plants. Both hemp and marijuana come from cannabis and just about all marijuana or hemp (CBD) products come from some type of hybrid strain of one of these cannabis species.

Read the full article here:

In part 4 of CBD 101 at RMO they discuss

What is Broad-Spectrum CBD?

When you research CBD there can be a lot of confusing terms – an important take away from the article –
“The CBD market is rapidly expanding, and the more you look into the various products that are available, the more you may notice that there are several products listed as CBD isolate, full-spectrum CBD, or broad-spectrum CBD.”

Part 4 of the series explains Some of the differences and their applied uses.

Read the full article here:

You can see some available products at NuLeaf Naturals

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