Ancient Arts Aromatherapy Welcome


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This post was most recently updated on February 25th, 2018

Aromatherapy Essential Oils Welcome



I am happy to announce the start of a dream of mine!



Ancient Arts Aromatherapy!!!!!!    


This is my new endeavor! I invite all my FB family and friends to like my new FB page, like me on Instagram and Twitter and Pinterest. Our website is up! We will have an active blog and vlog! We will also be having contest and gifts and some youtube mini-classes as well!

For those who have trusted my aromatherapy in the past, I thank you! You have helped make this dream come true for me!!!

Also, most especially, a shout out to
Dr. Vinnie Veneziano, Dr. Jane Scott, Dr. Steven Mullins, and Dr. Shae Sirisky for 23 years of trusting me with your patients! I love you and you blessed my life!

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